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H.O.P.E. For Warriors

Reins of H.O.P.E. needs your help!  We are reaching out to our Tri-County active duty military personnel, veterans and their families with our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) program.  There is an overwhelming need at this time to help those who have served our Country with the challenges they face.

“The psychological health needs of America’s military service members, their families and their survivors pose a daunting and growing challenge to the Department of Defense” (DOD Task Force, 2007). We want to help NOW and have undergone specialized training to develop our H.O.P.E. for WARRIORS program.

We are EAGALA Military Services Designation

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is currently offered to military personnel in various locations throughout the United States. It is a powerful, short term experiential therapy that is highly effective in developing resilience and adaptability in civilian as well as military life. There is no riding. Equine sessions develop coping skills for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), anger, depression, addiction and grief.

Time spent with the horses, out in a natural setting fosters trust, respect, problem-solving skills, improved communication and healthier relationships. The horses are co-therapists that offer a healing presence and have the unique ability to mirror their clients. They model authenticity, how to be congruent and immerse completely in the moment. Metaphors emerge during the sessions, revealing attitudes and patterns of behavior. These stimulate insights readily transferable to day to day life.

Please help us to ACT NOW and provide this vital service at NO COST to the participants. We feel that the various grants we are applying for will respond favorably to a community that is already making the commitment to help. Your generous tax-deductible donation will make this cutting edge therapy readily available to the active duty military and veterans in our community.

Testimonials from Veterans:

"People I wouldn't think would make such personal statements talk because they feel comfortable around the horses and the group members. I am so relaxed when I am there."

"It calms me down. It just keeps me calm. I love those horses. Everyone in our groups gets along and respects each other."

"Being with the horses today was the best day of my entire life! I have always stuffed down my emotions and being around the horses helps me feel safe to open up more. I want to continue to do this."

"Before coming to the horses I was bitter and depressed about my disability. I felt worthless that I could no longer support my family but had to depend on them for my needs. Coming here has helped me see things differently. I realize that because of my disability I get to be home with my kids and be there for them instead of being away on a Navy ship. Coming here with the horses helped me realize this. I am not so depressed anymore."

"They use such good metaphors when working with the horses. I realize that sometimes I need to do things that are hard to do and I don't want to do but by doing so I will begin to feel better. The horse did not want to walk further but had to in order to get water which he needed. I don't want to talk about my trauma but know that if I do I might begin to feel better."

"When you are with the horses it gets you out of the environment of the world for awhile. The horses have a tendency to calm you down and the talk we had afterward took us to a different level."

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Heroes and Horses - An Experiential Program Uses Horses
to Help Returning Combat Vets Deal with PTSD
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More Testimonials:

Testimonal:   "Juliana and I were introduced to a program called Reins of H.O.P.E. The program has allowed me and my daughter to begin the healing processes by showing us ways of dealing with stressors which for years had impacted both of us in negative ways. We are learning strategies to deal with personal conflict by interacting with horses as opposed to confronting one another. The changes have been almost immediate in both my own life and in the life of my daughter..."

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